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Friday, January 01, 2016

SPINNING STRAW INTO GOLD (photomorph) & LAST DANCE OF THE YEAR (non-dream tanka) by Roswila


two stately fan palms
stand alone in the sky, bobbing
in sync with each other
the midday sunshine glittering brightly
in their bowing fronds like Christmas tinsel

[non-dream, (kinda, sorta) tanka, written 12-31-15 (posted 1-1-16). "Kinda, sorta"? Because the syllable count in all but the first line goes over the traditional ones (i.e., 5-7-5-7-7) for the lines. I also don't know if the need for that comma would be acceptable to many tanka writers. I.e., they'd probably want to rewrite the tanka so that it's unnecessary, but I like it as is. BTW, I have a lengthy narrative in the works on a 12-30-15 dream. But felt this tanka was more appropriate to the first day of the new year. Photomorph "Spinning Straw Into Gold" (12-8-15 1689ev13) by Roswila]

PLEASE NOTE: in most browsers you can click on the above image for a larger version. Also, the photo accompanying a post is not necessarily meant to illustrate it, but to reflect some small, even slant aspect of the verse, similar to Japanese haiga (illustrated haiku).

There are many other sorts of posts on this blog. I indicate which are about or influenced by dreams. Some non dream focused posts are book reviews, "regular" poems (some by other writers, as the above is), scifaiku, writing exercises, Tarot haiku, photos, haiga, and so on. However, most of those are in much older posts. There's a listing by month going back to early 2006, at the end of the sidebar.

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until next time, keep dreaming,

[a/k/a Patricia Kelly]
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