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Saturday, July 18, 2015

EYE ON THE LIGHT (photomorph) & RETURN TO HOTEL CALIFORNIA, Dream Two (narrative) by Roswila

(Dream Two*)

my friend's sister happily escorts me
back to Hotel California, saying it's actually
a very safe place, so not to worry, adding
that in truth it's easier to get to and enter
when one has a guide such as she

when we arrive she leads me right down
the stairs to the hotel's deepest level,
several stories underground ... on the way
I notice how entirely different it looks
once one is inside: clean, neat,
and thoughtfully decorated

I'm then astounded to note
that that this lowest floor houses
a museum maintained by the distant
owners of the building, and that the glyph
on the front door to this deepest level
is the same one I'd dreamed of last night:
a small oval piece of cream colored coral,
intricately carved to resemble
an ancient symbol for an eye**

to my delight and surprise the numerous
ancient artifacts beyond the door
are all elegant and precise reproductions,
each pieced together like an intricate puzzle
out of plywood, paper, and paint

I follow my guide oooh-ing and aaah-ing,
deeply absorbed, when she abruptly
says she needs to smoke I'm aghast:
"Here?! With all this fodder for fire?"

she says not to worry in her now familiar
reassuring tone, as she'll not light up 'til
we reach the pool ... a pool! what other
wonder awaits us down here? and I note
that though overused the adage is true,
appearances can be deceiving

however, my pleasure in this treasure
laden place is disrupted when I recall
how far below the surface we are,
astonishing underground art may be
fine and dandy, but not when the walls
start to move in, and the stories
above my head begin to press down

it's definitely time to resurface,
I say to my guide, even as I silently wonder
how Hotel California will now look to me,
once I again stand before its dark hulk

[dream narrative on the second of two lengthy dreams of 7-11-15. *The first dream/piece, HOTEL CALIFORNIA, was posted yesterday; just scroll down if you're interested. These two dreams (yesterday's & today's) were dreamed on the same night, with a waking break between them. I've been working on them each day since the day after I dreamed them. And am not sure how much of my continuing hesitation about posting them is due to worry over their craft or their length, both of which do bother me a bit. **Click here to read about eye symbolism, which I think may be the heart of this dream. BTW, I do not recall actually dreaming that symbol on the museum door the night before, but the dream seemed to think I did, so who knows? Click here for the lyrics to the old Eagles song, Hotel California, which I vaguely heard in both dreams at a couple of points. Photomorph "Eye on the Light" (6-17-13 010v2d) by Roswila]

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* * * *
until next time, keep dreaming,

[a/k/a Patricia Kelly]
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