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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

HOUSE OF CARDS (photo) & RECONNECTING (dreamku series) by Roswila


same old, same old …
I move into the apartment
from which I’d moved out
all my furniture still there
and arranged the same way

the first night I just
open a cot for a young guest
and flop on a bed
my dark-haired guest wakes in the
morning right after I do

there’s so much to do
now that I’ve realized I can
rearrange and toss
to my heart’s content -- this airy
upstairs home will shine like new

though vaguely let down
that my guest won’t stay and relax
a bit with me first,
I get on with the welcome job
of weeding and integrating

I wonder what T.V.
reception is like here now
and plug in my set --
hm, not so hot, but it’ll work with
careful placement and angling

especially as just
standing there I can feel
how my touch brings
the signal through -- there’s a faint
buzzing along my arms and legs

talk about direct T.V.! but this can wait
now that I know a connection’s there

[six tanka, topped by a two-liner, on a dream of 6-4-12. Another answer to a question I have not asked of my dreams (at least directly :-D), but now see has been beneath all my fantasizing about moving back East. I will probably still continue fantasizing about moving cross-country as it’s a good distraction for me during this time of more than usually awful mood swings. But I do feel a more basic issue has been exposed by this dream. Photo “House of Cards” by Roswila]

PLEASE NOTE that I never have nor do I now lay claim to having been the first to suggest writing about our dreams in the haiku form. In fact, the haijin (Haiku Masters of centuries ago) sometimes wrote haiku on dreams. But even more importantly, what I have been developing for several years now on this blog is not even truly haiku or tanka or monoku. The ways in which I have been using and experimenting with these forms makes the results more akin to kissing cousins of these small Eastern poetry forms. Therefore, I mostly use the term "dreamku" to distinguish what I do from those traditional forms. Click here for a more in-depth INTRODUCTION than follows below, including links to my THREE PART PRIMER on the basic (most haiku-like) dreamku form.

Also, the photo accompanying a daily dream poem or non-dream based poem is not necessarily meant to illustrate it, but to reflect some small, even slant aspect of the verse -- similar to Japanese haiga (illustrated haiku). I've also recently realized that although the dreamku (i.e. dream based poems) posted here tend not to have metaphor or simile, the accompanying photos almost always act as such.

To write a metaphor or simile into a dream scenario is something I rarely do. It can be confusing: did it really look like a hand, say, in the dream, or am I just being poetic to make my conscious point? As these dreamku act as a dream journal, my over-riding tendency is to try to stay close to the actual dream scenario itself. Admittedly making for a tendency to less "poetic" dreamku. Then why pay attention to any haiku, tanka, or monoku parameters at all when writing about my dreams? Because I find in even attempting to adhere to them I'm making choices that relieve my dream recall of a great deal of chatter so that I can get down to some important dream aspects. Here's a link to THE AREN'TS OF DREAMKU & ACCOMPANYING PHOTOS in which I go into some of the basic parameters for dreamku and the photos chosen to go with them (and with any non-dream based poems I post here, as well).

The archives in the sidebar hold years of the daily dreamku, tanka, monoku and photo posts I've made, grouped in one post by month. As I no longer post dreamku (or non-dream based poems) strictly daily, each post will appear below and then in the archives by the day on which it was posted.

There are many other sorts of posts here, not all dream-based. I indicate which are about or influenced by dreams. Some non-dream focused posts are book reviews, "regular" poems (some by other writers than myself), scifaiku, writing exercises, Tarot haiku, photos, haiga, and so on. However, most of those are in much older posts. There's a listing by month going back to early 2006 in the sidebar.

* * * *
‘til next time, keep dreaming,

[aka: Patricia Kelly]
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