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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Review of SAGACITY: Wisdom Teachings of the Sages of the Ages

Wisdom Teachings
of the Sages of the Ages
for Contemporary Use
by Rev. Emily Kadi, DD
Trafford Publishing

This is one of those books that I recognized immediately as a huge resource from first leaf-through. After going over it thoroughly and envisioning its overall possibilities I still feel the same way, only more so. Rev. Kadi has compiled and organized readings from many different wisdom systems into a year of daily study for groups or individuals. Such as: Teachings of Emma Curtis Hopkins (founder of New Thought); Twelve Step programs; Archetypes (“Awakening the Heroes Within”); Women Apostles; Basic Principles of Buddhism, Hinduism, Native American practices; 12 World Teachers; “Secrets of Unlimited Prosperity;” “The Power of 12: Achieving 12 Strand DNA Consciousness;” Teachings of Ishmael; Teachings of Barbara Marx Hubbard (Conscious Evolution). And these are only a few of the teachings excerpted from for the book’s year of study, and does not even touch on the additional recommended readings.

Of course, these wisdom systems are available in various forms, from print to various electronic formats, and for purchase or from libraries and even some from the internet. What makes SAGACITY unique is that so many wise systems are not only organized together but in a work-book format. Each month has a personal goal the student/seeker determines and an overall focus recommended by the book. Within each month, another aspect of the same cycle of wisdom teachings for meditation and exploration is highlighted in excerpts from books and articles, with “rest and review” days also allotted. When I compare this to my decades of “hit and miss” seeking I wonder how different my own path might have been had there been a book such as this available.

But most heartening is how the author stresses that seekers relate to all the materials and focuses offered from their own perspectives and in their own ways. I.e., this book is not a “laying down” of some “spiritual law” or particular, specific path. There is an ongoing encouragement and facilitation of each seeker’s unique journey toward understanding, healing, and connection to the greater Self and global community.

Below is an interview I did with Rev. Kadi. (The spelling "humin" is used by Rev. Kadi as gender neutral.)

Roswila: How did you determine the order of the various wisdom systems as you have placed them throughout each month and throughout the year? (I.e., is there any particular reasoning for your choice of order?)

Rev. Kadi: Yes there is a bit of rhythm and reason to it. [It is] somewhat planned or by my design, the rest by the design of Creator. I opened [the year] with Emma Curtis Hopkins, my teacher, who did her work at the turn of the 20th century, and closed with Barbara Marx Hubbard, a contemporary teacher doing her work at the turn of the 21 century, who takes us into the future. [For each month] I start with the Focus at the beginning, an age old device for intending the mind in an orderly direction. Next comes the teachings of Emma, my teacher, who presents the wisdom of the east and west in a way that the western mind can understand. To me, that introduces the rest of the selections, by setting the stage. The other groupings, such as the Eastern teachings, are together to help with compare/contrast teaching learning styles. Some contemporary authors are included in a more random method, depending upon such variables as whether an author was granting permission to use their work, or not. So I might have had a "planned space" in a sequence, only to learn in the process of things, that a particular author's work was not available for inclusion. So, some other work went into that space.

Roswila: What single thing do you most wish for a reader/explorer to gain from the extensive resource of SAGACITY?

Rev. Kadi: I wish everyone to know that each one is a precious, individual being, and we are here to discover and live our unique individuality. That is Making Soul Visible. [Roswila: I was particularly struck by this point as made by Emma Curtis Hopkins, “The soul does not need to be saved, it needs to be made visible.”]

Roswila: What single thing most urged you to compile this rich resource?

Rev. Kadi: This has been a life work, and continues to be as I continue to discover my own soul, too. I made the decision of a child of about 9 years, that there just had to be a “more better way” to live. At that time, in the 1940's (and before) there was no help available to battered children. There were no shelters, no 911 to call, no school programs available. As I began my adult life, questing the “more better way,” I began to learn that there were indeed other ways of living, and sometimes felt angry that this information was not available to me, and to others. Information presented in these wisdom teachings. So I wanted to make this information available to others, so that no one would ever again have to suffer so needlessly.

Roswila: What would you say to someone who might feel a little daunted at the prospect of this deep and far reaching commitment to exploration and study?

Rev. Kadi: I would say it is the only worthwhile thing. The Hindu teachings, tell us that we do what we do until we don't do it anymore (Path of Desire). Emma teaches us that there comes a time in our humin life when we realize that the common way of humin life is not what life is about at all. All the sages tell us this. And we come to realize that we can and do start to pay attention to that inner self, soul, spirit, whatever one terms it. By doing so, come to know the verities of existence, and then and only then, do we have experience of value.

Roswila: You say in your Introduction "It is up to each individual to explore and experience each concept to determine the value of it to Self." Do you have any practical hints on how to begin this exploration, should a reader/seeker need any?

Rev. Kadi: Yes, it may be helpful to do some meditation and ask for guidance. Or perhaps, start on page one and dive in. And then pay attention to what resonates, or calls to your soul.

Roswila: Is there anything else you would like to say here about SAGACITY?

Rev. Kadi: This is a beginning. It is not engraved in stone. I hope people, groups or individuals, will continue to develop it. I would like to see this information readily available to all, so the everyone knows that they have choices, and that these choices are respected universally, eternally. We know that the humin life span is increasing, the possibility of eternal humin life is now a reality. There is no system currently available to prepare us for living eternally. The evidence of the failure of the materialistic approach is rampant. Yet we are the generation at the turning point. Our ancestors have prepared the way. The directions for the journey are recorded in the sagacities. It is time we implemented them.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

And Rev. Kadi’s book, SAGACITY: Wisdom Teachings of the Sages of the Ages for Contemporary Use, has been designed with just that in mind, to help with the implementation of wisdom in this world.

* * * *

‘til next time, keep dreaming,

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